Why is watermelon so popular in the summer?



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    The main reason is because the summer is when watermelon is in season. Like all fruits and vegetables, watermelon has a specific type of weather it grows best in and will produce the best tasting fruit. Watermelon grow best in the warm months and will be sweeter and juicier when grown in these conditions. Watermelons can be bought year round a lot of places, but they tend to be a bit dry and not nearly as delicious as a peak summer melon. 

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    Like bmal889 says, watermelon is actually available in the United States year-round, but domestic watermelon (watermelon from the US) is only available from April to November. May, June, July, and August are the months where the most watermelon is produced (peak production). The US is also the leading exporter of watermelon, according to the National Watermelon Promotion Borad. Eighty-eight percent of what’s exported goes north to Canada and the remainder of US watermelon goes to Japan, Mexico, Russia, Bermuda, and France.

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