Why was there a lack of video coverage of the oil spill?



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    Last night, I saw footage on NBC’s Nightly News broadcast.  Two things occur to me: One is that what is actually happening is deep underwater, and therefore it is difficult to get film of that.  (The video shown last night was courtesy of BP).  Also, though, the secretary of Health and Human Services was there last night, and so there was actually something to show.

    I suppose if you wanted a list of some more nefarious reasons, you could explore connections between the oil industry and media, or the supposed “liberal” media not wanting to show something that could blight Obama’s record.  Either of those ideas, of course, would be speculation.

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    I felt the coverage was sufficient but that is a matter of opinion. The media bosses decide what they want to expose on television. Many important issues go unnoticed because people love to feed into drama, gossip, and other topics that sell. The media delivers what people want and that doesn’t always include informative information. It’s all a game of politics!

    Also, many things are covered up, ignored, etc for political reasons so peoples toes are not stepped on. There are many reasons a story may not receive fair press. It’s about connections, who knows who, who has money, and the list goes on.

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    It’s also important to note that the oil spill in the Gulf is not a singular event, like the Exxon Valdez disaster. The oil is constantly spilling, always being pumped out. The moment the leak happened, of course there wasn’t any video footage! It’s so deep underwater, and it’s not like the leak area is under video surveillance. Many people thought that oil tankers were far more dangerous, so ocean wells and pipelines go largely ignored.

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