Why was Nobel laureate Stephen Schneider recently assaulted in Copenhagen?



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    The man who verbally assaulted Nobel Laureate Stephen Schneider was referring to the “climategate” scandal happening in an email conversation of Climate Scientists at the University of East Anglia. Before being hounded, Schneider was interviewed by Olivia Zaleski where he answered questions about the scandal.

    In an article posted in the Huffington Post December 9 he says, “some of the hacked emails confessed to “tricks” that had to be used to get the hockey stick results. To frame that word as a deliberate cover-up is simply to be unaware of the normal jargon of scientists and mathematicians—the word “trick” means to us a clever simplification to an impossible-to-solve problem that allows some approximate solutions. Redacted emails or those thought incriminating, appeared in gleeful synchrony on climate denier blog sites after the theft.”

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