Why was king tuts tomb special?



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    King Tut’s tomb is special because he is a major historical figure.  This causes his tomb to be valuable.  Also, the fact that it had remained undisturbed for 3000 years and was filled with treasure causes it to be special.  It was a major historical discovery, and therefore many people are interested in it. 

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    The tomb of Kink Tut was so significant because of it remains one of the most impressive and important areas of all Egyptian study and its discovery in 1922 helped re-spark interest in resurrecting this once great civilization. The artifacts and inscriptions found in Tut’s tomb have given Egyptologists a rare look into the life thousands of years ago and Tut’s name and famous burial mask remain some of the most prominent and well known disciplines of ancient Egypt.

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         King Tutankhamen’s tomb is so special because it is the best preserved royal tomb ever found in Egypt. King Tut wasn’t really a major historical figure, he only became well known after his tomb was discovered in 1922. His main accomplishment as pharaoh was restoring Egypt’s polytheistic religion. His father, Akhenaten had made attempts to convert the entire country to a monotheistic, sun-worshipping religion.


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    King Tut’s death is interesting because he was most likely murdered by a high-ranking official – his skull was bashed in, and only someone in his court could get near enough to harm him. His tomb became famous because it was in such excellent condition. Another interesting fact – one of the excavators was Lord Carnarvon, who was simply a rich man who bought the right to dig in the valley of kings.

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