Why was Honda chosen as the Greenest Auto Maker?



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    Apparently the criteria for this award, which Honda seems to get every year, is actually rather objective. The Union of Concerned Scientists who give out the title measure the average amount of CO2 and smog emissions given off by all the different models a car company is selling.  Based on these numbers the scientists calculate the averages for the company as a whole.  For over five years Honda has always had the lowest number (though Toyota, Hyundai, and Volkswagon are catching up) so they always win.  

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    Honda was chosen as the Greenest Auto Maker, from among the top eight car companies, due to its consistently producing vehicles with the lowest greenhouse gas and smog emissions.  Cars in each of the companies’ fleets were compared by class, and Honda performed the best in small and large cars and pickups.  While it did not do so well in other classes, overall, it fared the best, achieving a final overall score of 86 (meaning it was 14% better than average).

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    Honda has a track record of producing vehicles that get high mpg and last a long time. My dad’s Honda Civic from the late 80’s still gets about 30mpg, which is better than many other sedans of similar quality produced today. By contrast, his 1997 Saturn broke down within ten years of purchase, so he converted it to an EV because the body was still good.

    Personally, I love how Hondas look and the Honda Insight is my favorite hybrid.

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    I went back and forth between Honda and Toyota when purchasing my first hybrid; i decided to go with Toyota. I don’t regret my decision and love my hybrid, but I still find the Honda hybrids to be great cars as well. The ultimate deciding factor for me was how close the dealership was to my house. That meant less driving and more of a convenience issue. 

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