Why was homework invented?

killing trees !



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    Homework is used to reinforce lessons learned in class. It helps a student to communicate back to the teacher what they learned and what they may not understand about a new concept. By practicing new skills, they become easier to remember and easier to perform.

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    Homework is so that you can learn to work independently from others and develop your skills. Sometimes, you can accomplish a lot more and understand things better when you have the chance to learn in an environment of your choosing. Different people learn better in different environments, and many people find noisy classrooms distracting. Personally, I loved doing homework in a quiet place with a cup of tea.

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    Like eblairbryant and happyhodges said, homework was invented to reinforce skills and knowledge you learn in class. I know it uses a lot a paper sometimes though. So, many high schools and colleges across the country are trying to limit the use of paper. Princeton University, for instance, limits the number of pages students can print each year in order to be more eco-friendly. Professors more and more across the country are allowing students to turn in papers electronically rather than having to print them. 

    The Princeton Review has a publication out called the “Guide to 311 Green Colleges.” It details how different colleges are going green. 

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