Why was Fiji Water sued for green washing?



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    Fiji Water was recently sued for greenwashing because the company has advertised itself as a ‘carbon-negative’ corporation. Desiree Worthington, the woman who sued the company, accused Fiji Water of ‘forward crediting,’ which is the practice of giving credit for carbon reductions that haven’t happened yet. On the company’s website, Fiji Water claims to have been carbon-negative since 2008, ‘under which we will continue to offset 120% of our emissions.’ This is part of a forward crediting model, which means that offsetting can actually be an anticipated action and does not need to be currently happening. The company admitted in a press release that a carbon-negative status is not possible until 2037. The link below has more information about the company’s environmental impact, which is another component of greenwashing.

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    Here is a blog entry about Greenwashing that talks a bit about FIJI.


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    I won’t comment on whether FIJI how the validity of forward offsets.  However, I’d caution any citation of the Mother Jones article.  The author got a number of facts wrong – chief among them that the Fijian government arrested in some attempt to thwart her from writiing a negative article on FIJI Water.  Having lived in Fiji, I can tell you that the government hates FIJI Water and has only recently created a special tax designed to only affect FIJI Water.  Lastly, say what you will about FIJI Water and green washing but Fiji is nearly bankrupt as a country and it’s one of the few viable businesses the country has.  It supports a lot of Fijians and does a lot of good in the community.

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