Why was DuPont fined?



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    DuPont’s Delaware plant was fined for violations of safety and environmental standards set by OSHA and the EPA. They also are required to update chemical handling procedures at the plant, remove hazardous waste from a holding tank, and submit quarterly reports detailing their compliance progress.

    There were over 60 violations that regulators found at the Delaware plant. The violations included: not labeling drums that contained hazardous materials, mishandling of hazardous materials, and failing to perform required inspections.

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    DuPont, one of the greatest chemical producers in the United States, has been fined on several occasions due to an extraordinary number of corporate crimes and breaches of compliance with environmental regulations. It has been fined before by the EPA: $59,000 due to levels of mercury discharge that infringed on the Clean Water Act between the time period July 2008-March 2009. Just in the beginning of December 2011, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection demanded $750,000 as a result of over 60 infractions of hazardous waste management at a Delaware plant, leading to situations both unsafe and environmentally damaging.

    Though the company makes claims of its respectable and ethical relationship with the planet and the people, its development of toxins like Agent Orange, CFC’s and leaded petrol; disrespect of indigenous peoples and acts of biopiracy; violations of health standards within the workplace; lengthy record of pollution and resulting health problems; and contribution to global warming are some of the numerous reasons which suggests quite the opposite. A comprehensive account of such acts against life and humanity can be found on Corporate Watch’s website (http://www.corporatewatch.org/?lid=205).

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