Why was DDT so much more dangerous than other pesticides?



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    DDT has an effect on many animals, particularly birds. Some research has been found where in certain species, DDT caused the thinning of egg shells. Many mammals were being effected in various ways. For humans, scientists were beginning to find that DDT would linger in our bodies and would be stored in our fatty organs such as our adrenals, testes, and thyroid.

    Because human milk depends alot on our stored body fat, there are higher traces of DDT concentrations in breast milk. What makes it so dangerous?

    Well according to this article on the effects of DDT, “at a concentration above 236 mg of DDT per kg of body weight, you will die.”

    There are many other effects of DDT to look out for in different areas of our environment.

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    DDT was first used in WWII to kill malaria infested mosquitos before U.S. troops arrived. For this, the inventor of the product was given a Nobel Prize. However, DDT was found to negatively impact species across the board. DDT was found to cause frog mutations and as birds ate the frogs, the DDT stored up in their bodies through a process known as bioaccumulation. As a result, birds egg shells thinned and would break as the mother sat down to warm them. These problems resulting from the spraying of DDT were highlighted in Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. This book alerted the public and eventually lead to the banning of DDT in 1972. 

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