Why was cash for clunkers so popular?



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    Cash for clunkers is so popular because the economy needed to be boosted by consumer confidence. The fact that you can get rid of your gas guzzlers and save some green is a plus for many people. People feel like they are saving money and also, the environment. Many people were bashing Obama’s administration for this program because it was even “too popular” and that the government couldn’t keep up. But anything that helps out the everyday man while boosting the economy is a win-win.

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    The success of the cash for clunkers program is likely due to the desire of many Americans to switch from gas-expensive cars to lower maintenance, higher mpg and more environmentally friendly new cars. The short term offer for up to $4,500 towards a new car inspired people to make quick decisions that would benefit in the long run rather than trying to maintain older vehicles.

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