Why was Avatar seen as such an environmental movie?



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    It had messages in it about how humans could easily destroy other planets.  In the movie scientists went there to study the planet, plants, aliens and ecosystem, but the military might decided they wanted to clear out an area that the blue people lived.  This movie showed how everything in nature is connected, cutting down just a few trees to get at a valuable resource that humans wanted could have destroyed an entire population. 

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    Avatar asks us all to be warriors for the Earth. This beautiful, fragile, miracle of a planet that we have right here is our land. Not ours to own, but ours to defend and protect,” Cameron said at a National Resource Defense Council event.

    “A movie can create an emotional reaction,” Cameron also said during the event. “When you see the Navi people being pushed out of the way as if they’re insignificant you feel an emotional reaction and that sense of moral outrage is exactly what we need to feel about what’s happening right now on our own planet right here.”

    It is an extremely environmental movement because the humans are extracting resources (symbolizing gas) out of the Navi people’s plan. They exploit both the people and the resource.  

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    The connections they make (through their tails) represent the interconnectedness of all living things.  the respect the Navi people have for land depicts environmentalism as well. 

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