Why was acid rain such a big deal in the 90’s?



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    Acid rain was a rallying point for environmentalists in the 90’s because there was clear data that it was affecting lakes and trees. They took it as a banner issue and made it representative of many of the environmental ills affecting the country. Much has been done to abate acid rain in the developed world by requiring companies to install scrubbers on smoke stacks and reduce or eliminate the amount of sulphur dioxide (the primary cause of acid rain) from their emissions. Acid rain is still a problem and the EPA is doing much to continue to battle sulphur dioxide emissions, however, global warming has taken precedent as the premier environmental issue. Unfortunately, the nature of movements, especially politically backed ones, is that they have to remain relatively simple and can only fully rally behind one cause at a time. We don’t talk much about endangered species anymore either, or DDT for that matter.

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