Why is Voss so damned expensive?



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    Well there is a new market for “ultra-premium bottled water.” Just like other free-market consumer products, a super high end developed out of what was simply just a regular product. They have several “features” which they use to justify the cost. “Voss Artesian bottled water is taken from a virgin aquifer that, according to the company, has been shielded for centuries under ice and rock in the untouched wilderness of Central Norway.” Combine this with a sleek bottle, it attracts people to the company even though it’s extremely over priced.

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    Aside from the fact that this is “premium bottled water,” the actual bottle that it comes in does factor in. The nice, glass bottle sets the Voss water apart, and probably is the main reason for the hefty price tag associated with it. I doubt that in a blind taste test many people could tell Voss apart from other bottled waters.

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