why is van jones so controversial? and are the critics right in their complaints?



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    Glenn Beck and Fox News have been running a smear campaign about him for comments he made early in his career. Jones was Obama’s green jobs “czar” and since he accepted the post Beck has been slandering him to be some radical who wants to take from the rich and give to the poor, as well as push for green technologies. Beck does not believe in climate change, and has mocked the science on several occasions on his show.

    No they are not right in their complaints, simply because Jones himself would have no real power at that job. What people should be protesting is the fact that Obama is continuing to make the federal government larger by creating these new jobs in the czar positions. Fox News and Beck in general, have made comments about this, but where were they in the Bush era? Basically these rants about Obama, Jones, the left, and the right are all a ploy to polarize the public, so they continue to fight about moot points.

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    Actually, the slander campaign primarily targeted his participation in a 9/11 conspiracy theory investigation, though he himself claims he wasn’t aware what he was signing on for.

    In any case, it’s probably uncalled for, but that’s politics. Ultimately he’ll get a replacement, and with any luck the replacement might do an even better job, though it is grossly unfortunate that we have to lose a qualified, talented individual for no real reason at all.

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