Why is the US government slow to adopt clean energy?



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    One of the main reasons that the U.S. is so slow to adopt clean, green energy is because of our privatized energy supply and dedication to low government input into the market. Many private companies don’t see the need to switch to the more expensive clean energy models (even if it will end up saving them in the long run), because many people are content to keep using coal and gas powered energy. Also, the U.S. government’s close connection to the lobbyists of oil and coal companies has elongated the process of putting in place laws to protect the environment through clean energy practices.

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    I agree with the above comment, but there are also scientific and technological reasons as well. Of course, there are many politicians with investments in the current energy market, plus the fact that gas companies have in the past bought up patents for new energy technologies, only to bury them to never see the light of day. Also, some of these newer energy types are in their infancy, and are either too expensive at the moment or cannot feasibly be produced on a mass scale to accommodate today’s power consumption. Take solar panels for example: at present, solar panels are not efficient enough to match the expectations of many people as far as producing enough electricity to warrant the change over. I believe that the future shall be a hybrid source, mixing solar with others, but unfortunately the stigma is still there in people’s minds. It will still take much education and demonstrations to get everyone on board.

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