why is urbanisation a cause to environment problem



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    In the last few hundred years, populations have dramatically changed from rural to urban areas. According to the Population Reference Bureau, “while the world’s population is doubling, the world’s urban population is tripling. Within the next few years, more than half the world’s population will be living in urban areas”. Of course, with immense changes like this it is bound to tip the scale at least somewhat. Each urban area has its own set of environmental problems and changes. For example, Los Angeles is almost constantly shrouded in smog from insane amounts of air pollution, whereas some other large urban areas may not nearly be as bad on air pollution. In addition to air pollution, urban areas can cause problems with “inadequate water and sanitation, lack of rubbish disposal, and industrial pollution”. Interestingly enough, they can create different weather patterns as urban areas tend to have more precipitation, which affects water levels and runoff. Every large urban area is bound to face some, if not all, of these problems but some cities are better than others at handling the effects.  

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