Why is urban agriculture becoming so popular?



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    One of the reasons urban farming is becoming more popular, is the simple fact that environmental degredation within cities is becoming more and more apparent . Urban farms promote energy saving local food production all while providing a strong sense of community and being a sustainable practice. Urban farms also hold other economic and social benefits.

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    Very true, one of the original reasons why urban farming got started was to help clean the air in certain urban areas.  However, then it proved highly efficient and even cheaper than hauling back apples you bought from the grocery store that was produced in Fiji.

    The community aspect is also huge.  Community gardens in urban areas  gives people a sense of bondage, as well as a common goal (which is to grow and sustain food)  This brings people closer and helps reduce crime in general. 

    So with all these benefits, why wouldnt it be popular? 

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    Another reason behind urban farming is the reclamation of city space that was abandonded and in disuse. It also is part of an effort to make cities more livable. People are quickly realizing that suburban model is detrimental to both environmental and human communities and so the thinking goes that we need to be able to make cities once again an attractive place to be. Part of this vision is green space, particularly in cities in the east that have few and small parks. Gardens are a productive way to create greenspace and community space at the same time.

    But as for why is it becoming popular now, I don’t exactly know. Trends and fashions are odd, and I am not one to know exactly what motivates popular culture. However, there does seem to be a greater tendency for folks to want to get in touch with community, to feel a part of something, to feel known and to know others that they share their towns and cities with. We have greatly lossed a sense of community over the past few decades as families have moved into the suburbs and families become ever more nuclear and isolated–and people are trying to find ways to change this and to recreate community. Community gardens in urban spaces is certainly one way to go about doing this. 

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