why trees are planted along the roads and around the buildings?



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    My answer is going to be about using my common sense and my brain plus the things I heard from people and saw at the Internet.
    Trees are planted along the roads and buildings is because the trees can block sunlight to prevent our skin to get dark or prevent us from getting skin cancer. When there are too many people at an area, large amounts of oxygen is taken in by them. If oxygen is run out, they will be out of breath. When the trees are doing photosynthesis, they take in carbon dioxide in exchange with us for oxygen. You see, trees are built near buildings and roads is to our advantage. Maybe, you may think they take up space and is useless but trees really SAVES OUR LIFE AND OUR WORLD! If there are no trees, I would probably have been dead by now! I hope this answer helps you understand better about why trees are built near roads and buildings! 😀

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