Why is there so much oil under the ocean floor?



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    There is so much oil under the ocean floor because oil requires a lot of pressure to be made naturally.  When the plates underneath the ocean rub together there is sediment that gets deposited into pockets underneath the earth, and this sediment forms into deposits of oil.  The ocean floor is one of the areas on the earth that has the most pressure, so there is a lot of oil there.

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    One reason why there is so much oil under the ocean floor is that there is a lot of ocean on our planet.  Approximately 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, or ocean.  While drilling oil on land is relatively easy, and the technology has been mastered, drilling for oil stored under the ocean floor is a much more difficult task.  As we can learn from the BP Oil Spill situation, human’s have not mastered deep sea oil drilling.  Because we haven’t yet figured out how to tap effectively, much oil remains underneath the ocean floor where we cannot get to it.

    Crude Oil, before it is refined to make the fuel oil that we put in our cars, is believed to be made from decomposed plants, animals, and other organic material.  Crude Oil is hydrocarbons, or hydrogen and carbon.  Over billions of years, dead organic material mixes with sand and mud and is compressed and heated under layers and layers of sediment.  This eventually becomes oil (or natural gas).

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    The explanation that there is pressure under the ocean has nothing whatever to do with oil generation. Oil is generated by burial of organic rich sediments under piles of other sediments. They may or may not remain under the ocean. There is far more oil known at present on land than there is beneath the oceans; where it is has to do only with the ancient history of those particular rocks, and today’s ocean-land distribution is but minimally related to the distribution of oil. More important is the breaking of the margins of continents when ocean basins form, but whether there is water there today or not has no relation to generation of oil in the past nor its accumulation today, with some very very tiny exceptions.

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