Why is there no plan to do anything about the “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico?

We all know about the massive dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico; it’s the size of the state of Massachusetts. We know what causes it: chemicals on lands throughout the Mississippi watershed washing downstream. We’ve known about it for some time. Why is there no plan to do anything about it? It’s just sitting there. Why is there no policy to address it?



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    Too big, too expensive, too many political ramifications – simplistic answers, but these are the kinds of reasons large, complex science-based problems typically have no policies addressing them. You’ll find science as well as politics on both sides of the issues – all the pro-ethanol folks will be abashed at the studies that suggest corn, grown for ethanol, is a major culprit in the Gulf’s Dead Zone. Agriculture in general is the greatest cause (as you the questioner clearly know), far more than the greater publicity on the oil spill last summer would have some believe.

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