Why is there less gravity at the top of a mountain?



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    Gravity decreases as the space between objects increases. In other words, when you are at the top of a mountain the earth exercises less of a pull on you because you are further away from the surface. In general though the gravity difference is negligible because no mountain on earth is high enough to notably change gravity’s effects on us. Similarly, as altitude increases the air gets thinner (less dense), this means that if you play golf at higher altitudes the ball will fly higher and further. This is more due to reduced wind resistance as opposed to less gravity.

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    Gravity derives from the center of the earth and therefore its gravitational pull is strongest in areas which are located closest to its core. Since mountain tops are raised higher above sea level, the gravitational pull is weaker.

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    Higher altitudes mean that wherever you are is further away from gravity’s pull.  As a result, a place like a mountain will have less gravity.  However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be floating away!  It just means that it can make you lightheaded.

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