Why is there a controversy over bike lanes in New York?



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    The controversy is mostly between motorists and bike riders. While bike riders are happy to have more bike lanes and the ability to use bikes around the city, car drivers are angry that there is less parking on streets do to bike lanes, less money for streets since money is going to bike lanes, and other various personal reasons. 

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    This controversy has been going on for a long time, and the main issue is that New York is designed for public transportation. The city doesn’t really support private transportation that well, so it has been taking steps to help make life easier for pedestrians and bike riders. 

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    Another bit of controversy on the side of those that support them don’t necessarily approve of where they are being placed, and feel that they are not being respected by drivers that park in the lanes. A complaint by those that support the lanes is that more are being built in wealthier neighborhoods instead of less affluent ones where they might be needed more.

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