Why is the technology used by Bloom Energy so secretive?



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    Their website seems to have a sufficient amount of information, but perhaps the reason why they don’t divulge more info on technology is because it is NASA-related. Bloom Energy is utilizing a new fuel cell energy technology that is associated with the NASA’s Mars program.

    It is secretive, but since it is so, it is hard to pinpoint the reason why.

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    Not long ago, patents issued by the United States Patent Office to Bloom Energy have been disclosed (see first link below), effectively ending any secrecy around their technology. It is true, however, that the company was keeping quiet until very recently. This is likely due to the fact that Bloom Energy is currently unable to provide energy at as low a cost as traditional providers because of the high cost of creating the fuel cells. Given such a level of investment, the company would not want anyone to reproduce its technology before patents were issued and business was established.

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