Why is tap water in the US so heavily contaminated?



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    As discovered by the Environmental Working Group, one reason for the contamination is that the EPA has not set standards that regulate the flow of 141 chemicals through our water. Furthermore, 119 chemicals that are regulated were still found in drinking water, demonstrating lack of enforced health standards.

    Such chemicals commonly enter the water from the by-products of agricultural and industrial operations. Additionally, the sprawling human population and the waste that its members leave behind further exacerbate the issue of contaminated U.S. tap water.

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    It’s actually not that bad. Bottled water companies just want you to think that tap water is bad so that they can sell you their products. However, bottled water has fewer regulations on it than tap water.

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    The U.S., compared to many other countries, has overall clean water. However, some states and cities have better water than others. Many of the problems in U.S. cities when it comes to clean drinking water comes from old infrastructure. Deteriorating pipes (many of which date pre WWI in larger cities) can cause lead and other harmful contaminates to enter your tap water. Our growing issue with pollution also negatively affects our drinking water. But, even New York, one of the oldest and most polluted cities in our country, has some of the best tap water. There is no city in the U.S. where it is unsafe to drink the water, although investing in a Brita filter never hurt anyone.  

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