Why is tap water so bad for you?



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    In most cities and towns in the United States, tap water is not bad for you. In fact, tap water must be tested frequently and ensured to be safe to drink. Data for your town should be readily available at the water company.

    Your pipes, however, can contain dangerous metals, including lead. This can affect the quality of the water coming out of your faucet. Hardware stores sell kits for testing for these metals in the water. Home filter pitchers or faucet attachments can eliminate these metals.

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    Tap water isn’t necessarily bad for you.  This is a misconception that has resulted from elaborate marketing schemes by companies that sell bottled water.  In some instances, bottled water may even be unhealthier than tap water.  (Tap water is required to be tested by law.)  You can use the first resource provided below to obtain detailed information about the water in your area.

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    The perception of tap water being bad for you is often associated with taste.  Due to the lingering presence of some of the water purification materials as well as mineral presence and metals in pipes can produce unpleasant tastes.  Municipal water must be periodically tested for many pathogens and toxins, although in some incidences municipal sources can become contaminated (such as in the case of Woburn, MA).

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