Why is taking so long for the other states (cities) to ban Styrofoam – takeout containers, etc.?

Currently Styrofoam is banned in California – when can we expect similar bans in other states, especially NC – since I live in NC.



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    First, I have to be blunt and say that some people just don’t care. Many people in this nation are still apathetic about the environment, and it doesn’t really matter enough to them. So, they don’t take action towards a ban.

    Second, many businesses fight against banning sytrofoam because eco-friendly containers tend to cost more. So either the business has to pay more and profit less, or they have to hand the costs to the customer by increasing product prices, which isn’t a very popular option.

    In order to get a movement for banning styrofoam off the ground, you and other voters in your state have to act. It isn’t just the responsibility of the people in your state capitol; this is the way democracy works! Start a letter writing campaign to your representative in the state senate, or create a petition. When representatives know that their voters are concerned about something, then they act.

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    Good question! I think things like this just take time. The companies and restaurants using Styrofoam must find and purchase an alternative for their packaging. They are likely resistent because of the cost or maybe even hav to design something that will work as well. If this is the case, they may be fighting the change in legislation, thus slowing down the process.

    Education is also necessary. Companies must be made to understand why Styrofoam is bad and encouraged to change without the legislation in place. This will speed up things. You can help this by filling out suggestion cards, writing letters and emails, and phoning the company.

    Hopefully other places will adopt this important legislation very soon and companies will abide and move forward with more eco-friendly products!

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    Yeah, I agree good question and well thought out answers by natricine and yzezzy! My personal belief is that we are entirely too slow to allow businesses that produce products that have eco-friendly replacements to stay in business. Put a law on it, make the production of styrofoam and other products that are too damaging completely illegal, and then allow these existing businesses to transition to the eco-friendly alternative. These people who own the business I propose we should phase out fear that their employees jobs will be lost and more importantly to them, their profit margin will be reduced (they’d loose $$$). So really I think this was a good question and we should impose the same law that the forward thinking state of California passes ASAP.


    if we do not adapt, we will suffer 000 be harmed later on 000 by our own hand 000 environmentally unsound practices. Avoid them!

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    I wasn’t even aware that California has banned styrofoam, and I live there. If they have, no one’s obeying the ban, since I just brought home a styrofoam container yesterday for my leftovers. But, styrofoam is cheap, it’s easy to get, and life is about business. You want to have the littlest output with the biggest input. So, to reinforce what everyone else has mentioned: eco-friendly won’t stick until there’s an inexpensive way to manufacture and distribute it.

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    Styrofoam is actually NOT banned in the state of California. There was a law moving through the state assembly in 2009 which would have banned styrofoam containers, but it was tabled due to “economic conditions.” (as others have noted, styrofoam containers can be a good deal more expensive than plastic or compostables).


    There are however more than 100 cities / counties across the country that have banned styrofoam. Check out the first link below for a pretty comprehensive list (plus links out to the ordinances or articles for each of the individual bans).

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