Why is the Synsepalum Dulcificum called the “miracle fruit”?



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    This small red berry contains a protein called miraculin, which binds to taste buds and temporarily rewires the way one tastes. After having a miracle fruit in one’s mouth, everything eaten afterward tastes sweet, from hot peppers to lemons. They are served at “flavor-tripping parties,” where after eating a fruit, guests feel the urge to try very bitter and sour foods now that everything tastes like candy.

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    This interesting berry is known as the Miracle fruit because of the fact that when eaten, the berries cause sour foods such as lemons to taste sweet after eating the berry. It can be used as a natural non-sugar sweetener for diabetic purposes or others. When explorer Chevalier des Marchais first discovered this fruit in west africa, where it is native to, he noticed the locals chewed the berries before their meals. 

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