Why is sustainability so important?



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    Sustainability is important if we ever hope to survive as a species.  As humans, we are slowly destroying the environment which will in turn destroy ourselves.  We are currently using the Earth’s resources at a rate so outrageously it would take another 2 Earths to support our lifestyles.  Unless we adopt alternative energies and cut back on our consumerist habits, we are bound for a climate backlash faster than anyone could have anticipated.  With thousands of species going extinct every year due to our irresponsibility, we need to make changes now if we hope to sustain our planet. 

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    Brittany, sustainability is essential for the survival of the human race. With huge EPA and FDA integrated corporations taking over the agriculture industry, the ability to keep a community alive is neccessary with the impending GMO takeover.Hope I helped, and have a green day! 

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