Why is sushi bad for pregnant mothers?



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    Sushi, particularly tuna, has been known to have high levels on mercury in it (it shouldn’t but because of water pollution it has become an unfortunate trend). Anything a mother eats gets transferred to hger unborn child, so eating fish with chemicals in it could be potentially very dangerous to an unborn child.

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    It’s recommended that pregnant mothers not eat any raw fish. In the first place, expectant mothers should stay away from big fish like tuna no matter how it is prepared, because some large fish build up significant levels of mercury in their systems, which is toxic to mom and baby. Raw fish also contains parasites, and while a competent chef can usually get them out, it’s not worth risking: the mother’s immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, so a parasite will make her extra weak and unable to deliver proper nutrients to the fetus. Depending on where the fish comes from, it could have gotten various other types of toxins from the water that will be even more dangerous for the baby.

    On the other hand, Japanese women have been eating sushi and getting along fine for centuries. This is probably due to the fact that the fish are local, and the chefs are experienced at picking fresh, healthy fish.

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    Pregnant mothers should avoid eating any uncooked meat.  There are increased amounts of bacteria which can be harmful to the child.  Vegetarian sushi doesn’t present the same problem, so it may be an alternative to take for a pregnant woman.

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