Why is noise pollution such a problem?



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    Noise pollution can cause stress, lack of focus, and lack of sleep, which in turn can lead to hypertension, mental health problems, and hearing problems. Animals are similarly affected, with noise resulting in deafness and the inability to distinguish and recognize important environmental cues.

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    Visit a metro area like New York Chicago or Los Angeles.  There are constantly noises all the time.  Some people are very sensitive to the amount of noise around them and can effect their health. 

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    Noise health effects are both health and behavioral in nature. The unwanted noise could cause physiological and psychological damage. Noise pollution can cause aggression, high levels of stress and hypertension. The increased levels of stress and hypertension are one of the leading causes of health problems and could lead to more sever problems. Noise pollution may cause tinnitus, which is a condition that can lead to forgetfulness, depression and panic attacks. Chronic exposure to noise may also cause noise induced hearing loss. Their can also be negative environmental effects as well due to noise pollution. It can affect predator/prey interactions by disrupting how predators hunt or how prey detect predators. Noise pollution can affect how animals communicate since their main form of communication is through sound.


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