Why is natural gas such good fuel for delivery trucks?



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    Compressed natural gas (CNG) is one of many alternative fuels that can power vehicles while producing less pollution than oil-based gaoline.  Burning natural gas does produce carbon dioxide – the main greenhouse gas contributing to global warming – but not as much as burning gasoline would.  Some companies have switched to using vehicles designed to run on CNG in an effort to decrease their carbon footprint, and as part of this effort some delivery trucks are switching over.  Because delivery trucks travel large distances and require a lot of fuel to run, they are a great place for a company to start in addressing its overall carbon footprint.

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    The combustion of any hydrocarbon fuel emits carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and water vapor.  CNG in an engine burns very much like natural gas in a home furnace or in industrial heating processes.  The chemistry of combustion is nearly the same regardless of the application of the fuel.

    In general, CNG is cleaner than gasoline, but it still emits pollutants.

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