Why, in such an advanced society, do we let money restrain our further technological progress?



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    Although most (or all) would agree that making a financial investment to improve our quality of life not just immediately but in the near or distant future, finding the resources and funding to make such progress isn’t so easy. You can blame it on our short-sightedness as a nation, or you can point out all the ongoing pressing issues (poverty, homelessness, unemployment, incarceration, addiction, etc.) that need immediate attention. Although we are an advanced society, we are not entirely free from the major issues that afflict the rest of the world.

    We are still taking steps toward technological advancement. For example, a nationwide high-speed rail network is currently in the works, with trains expected to be running, at least in California, by the end of this decade. Because we are in an economic crisis, taxpayers and legislators are less likely to pass initiatives what will cost us more money. However, with the creation of new jobs and revenues, we may still be convinced to cough up the cash now so we can thrive tomorrow.

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    To an extent, yes. In the political process, money is almost always only allocated to areas where there are pracitcal and expected results. That is, curing a disease or creating some technology. What they don’t allocate money for, however, are random tests. That is, simply science and discovery. Politicians and government leaders rarely just give money without an expected result. However, the past has shown us that great discovery knows no road map, and anything is possible when science has free reign.

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    Fantastic thought! I wish it wans’t true. Money is so limiting, and personally i don’t think it should exist.  It’s the root of so many problems, and for the majority (even countries now) money is not really real since everyone owes so much.  Hopefully we can move on to an era where $$ is not used the way we use it today, but instead things of value, like information and help (legitimately, not falsely) earns payment which can then be used to circle back and form an economy.  It’s so entrenched in our system today that it often gets in the way of moving forward, even though we have the knowledge to do it.

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