Why is Styrofoam such a good insulator?



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    Styrofoam is considered to be a good insulator because it has a lot of dead air space trapped in it. This is why such aerated plastic can feel so light considering its size. To explain the dead air concept, “styrofoam has a low coefficient of heat transfer, which means it does not conduct heat very well. And secondly, it is lots of air bubbles (foam) trapped in little cells, and this also does not transfer heat well… Air is one of the worst heat transfer materials. If the air is not moving (as in a bubble inside styrofoam) hardly any heat can get across it. So it makes it very very hard for the heat to get across the bubble, and since styrofoam is mostly bubbles, it’s hard for the heat to get from one side of the styrofoam to the other.”

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