Why is studying biology so important?



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    Biology is the study of living things. WIthout Biology we would have never cultivated crops or bred animals for companions, labor, or food. We would have no antibiotics, and virtually no treatement of disease. There would be no ‘gourmet’ food, no beer, no wine, no textiles. We would have no knowledge of dolphins or primates. There would be almost nothing for Dora to Explore. I digress. Biology has been occuring since cave painting. Those paintings are descriptions of life on this planet. They may exist as ‘art’ in some circles but they are tribute to mankind’s fascination with nature. 

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    Biology (and other sciences) is a window to understanding how the world works. Biology is especially important in medicine and nutrition. Knowing some basic biology can help you be healthier, and may even save your life one day. My college biology professor told us about how 2,4-Dinitrophenol interferes with the body’s ability to use energy. 2,4-Dinitrophenol diet pills actually worked, but they also killed several people. It is important to know how a chemical interacts with your body before you ingest it.

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