Why is stevia so expensive, compared to sugar?



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    According to this comprehensive and informative website on Stevia, costs of production generate the high prices we see at the store.  Stevia plants are hard to transplant and grow.  Moreover, since it hails from Egypt originally, the plant prefers an arid, sandy, sun-filled area to thrive.  However, since much of the mass produced Stevia is transplanted to Canada, the crops struggle to make it, thus driving costs even higher.  

    Personally, I stick with sugar in the raw or agave nectar…it’s mmm good 🙂

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    Stevia’s harder to come by.  Sugar has become traditionally mass consumed in America, so there’s more of a demand for it.  Therefore, it’s manufactured more and the prices are more competitive.  Stevia is more of a specialty item that, while gaining popularity, has only a niche market.  So, the price is higher.

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