Why is Steven Chu such a fan of the Electric Car?



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    For the same reasons all other environmentalists are. Basically, conventional cars require gasoline for fuel, which is incredibly dirty, emitting tons and tons of carbon dioxide into the air. This carbon dioxide contributes to global warming. Electric cars run off of electric power, which can be fueled by clean sources like solar, hydroelectric, and wind. With more electric cars on the road there are less conventional cars, and less global warming.

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    Steven Chu’s energy policies are very pro-green movement, in that he believes the United States needs to begin focusing on moving away from fossil fuels as our energy source. For vehicles, he believes electric cars are the answer because their fuel (electricity) can be produced without the use of fossil fuels, and are becoming more powerful with every generation. Electric cars do not produce any harmful air pollution the same way internal combustion engines do for modern cars. Chu believes that if the United States can replace the majority of its vehicles used with electric vehicles, we will dramatically reduce the amount of air pollution in the country, along with beginning to achieve energy independence. 

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