Why is spam so popular in Hawaii?



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    Spam was introduced during wartime as a  durable, portable source of meat.  It also goes well with many Asian dishes such as stir fry.  They even have spam sushi.  Hawaiians from the WWII era still rave about the versatility of spam and since it has been introduced so early in the lives of many children of Hawaii that it seems like it will be a main dish for years to come.     

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    Because it’s cheap, portable (ships easily), requires no refrigeration, and it is similar to salted pork, which was/is a mainstay of cuisines on the islands.  Spam was introduced to Hawaiians by WWII soldiers, and Hawaiians quickly substituted it in to their regular dishes.  Now that people have grown up on Hawaii regularly eating Spam, it’s considered to be a comfort food by many, which has helped it maintain popularity.

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