Why is the soybean used so much?



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    Soybeans are used so much because they are high in essential fats, vitamins, and fiber.  They are also a great substitute for meat—one cup supplies almost 60% of daily protein requirements and is less than 300 calories.  For those of us who count calories, it is an amazing benefit. 

    Soy is also known for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

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    In addition to the nutritional value, soybeans are heavily subsidized by the government along with corn so there is incentive for farmers to grow soybeans. It is easy to break down soy into sugars and oils for processing. When you look at processed foods, either corn or soy are bound to be on the label. While soy can be a good component of ones diet, it’s important to note how much soy one is actually ingesting. An disproportionate amount of soy in ones diet can “promote cancer, dementia, reproductive abnormalities, and thyroid disorders.”

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    Oil from soybeans has become the favorite renewable energy in the emerging biofuels industry. It is most commonly used in biodiesel blends (part soybean oil, part regular diesel).

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    soyabean is consumed by large number of people due to its numerous advantage to health.As it is, if taken daily by cancer patient it does kill the cancerous cell which can lead to the patient’s death.

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