Why is soda so bad for your body? Is it the high fructose corn syrup?



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    There are a lot of ways that soda is bad for you. It is highly acidic, one of the most acidic drinks that you can buy. The fructose syrup is a main reason why soda is bad for you, the syrup is pretty much all calories. Fructose converts into fat easier than all other sugars, so it is what gives pop its fatty properties. 

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    Most sodas also have just about no nutritional value. It is, as tristan noted, filled with sugars and is high in calories. But is there anything really go hidden in there? Nope. It’s really the defintion of “empty calories”. Although calories themselves are not evil (they are, after all, our required units of energy), it is important to pair this energy with things our body needs to run properly. Soda has no vitamins, no minerals, nothing of the sort.

    Loading your body with huge amounts of sugar (as soda does) can negatively affect your metabolism over time, as well. It can change the way your body processes sugars, which can lead to obesity.

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    Don’t forget about the artificial sweeteners in diet soda, too. 

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    People who drink soda tend to have more bone problems. This was once believed to be a result of the soda somehow robbing calcium from the bones. Current thinking is that soda drinkers drink less calcium rich beverages like milk and orange juice.

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    Drinking soda in massive amounts can lead to obesity, tooth decay, caffeine dependence, and weakened bones. 

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    Soda is bad for your body for a number of reason. High fructose corn syrup is certainly gross, not a realy food, devoid of nutrients, and not something you should eat at any time, if you can help it. But even if soda were made with 100% sugar, it would be bad for you. Your body does not need cane sugar or cane juice for any reason, even if it is organic. That doesn’t mean you will suffer immensely if you enjoy a sweet treat now and again, but remember that you are consuming a nutritious food when you eat sugar. And soda usually has over 40 grams of sugar! WAY too much. Not to mention the large amount of sodium packed into every serving, and all the dyes and other artificial non-foods. Sodium dehydrates your body, so you don’t want too much or you’ll have dry skin, breakouts, fatigue, etc. Drink juice or water instead!

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