Why is so much paper wasted in offices?



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    The business world is different from home life and can be different from office to office.  I believe that each person wastes as much paper as they personally like to. 

    When sending a letter hard copy it is important that it has no mistakes and uses perfect grammar.  So, if someone types a name or word incorrectly, it must be printed again, thus wasting paper.

    Also, it seems to be much easier and quicker to get a fresh piece of paper instead of trying to use the other side of a used piece.  Sometimes doing the environmentally-concious act takes more time than behaving how we have for years. 

    If you are like me and are constantly keeping the environment and how we affect it, in mind, then you wonder how people can waste things like paper.  I feel guilty if I throw a sheet away without writing on every inch of it, but I also am using the paper to jot quick notes or makes lists.  If I am writing something official (like in an office) I will not use both sides of a sheet of paper and will go the extra mile to make sure the letter, etc. is perfect, regardless of what would be better for the environment.


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    As far as business expenses go, paper is a relatively inexpensive aspect. Trees are not valued properly because they are far more important than costs reflect. Trees provide food, medicine, shelter, erosion prevention, aesthetics, oxygen, ect. The cost of paper does not reflect the value of these services and until it does, businesses do not have much incentive (apart from morals) to prevent them from wasting paper. 

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