Why is so little being done about climate change?



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    So little is being done about climate change for many reasons. The powerful, rich nations that are most responsible for carbon emissions and destructive tendencies don’t immediately feel the effects of climate change. Also, the industries that are most responsible for high carbon emissions (among them are agriculture and transportation) are incredibly powerful as far as lobbying power is concerned and didn’t set themselves up to change into more environmentally friendly entities. Unless they are forced by the hand of government, which they won’t because they are so deeply entrenched in politics, they don’t have an incentive to change because they will lose profits. They will change is something catastrophic happens (probably) or they will change if consumers force them to change. If we stop purchasing products that hurt the environment, if we live nobly and responsibly, and if we reform campaign contributions and lobbying and make our government work for us, then we might have a chance in making the companies more responsible.

    We need to be responsible for ourselves first.

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    We have built a society that is utterly dependent on fossil fuels, the burning of which has contributed largely to global warming. The only way to effectively combat climate change is to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Unfortunately, our high dependence on coal and oil to power or planet makes this difficult. Still, there are many who are trying to find new forms of energy and new methods of combating climate change. While it may seem that little is being done, there is actually a great deal of effort being put in to trying to address this problem – but it will take time and commitment.

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