Why is landscaping so important?



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    Landscape is crucial for environmental sustainability because landscape directly affects the environmental. For example, swales redirect drainage away from buildings to prevent damage and floods to the building. In construction, landscape helps retain or detain drainage and can help restore the water table. One example is a rain garden.

    Landscape also involves determining what kinds of existing vegetation will be preserved and what kinds of new vegetation will be introduced to a site. A great understanding of local ecosystem is very important for landscape design as it affects local plants and animals.

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    From a different perspective, landscapes are the source for healing, exercising, great photography, and many other things. Gardens, parks, and personal backyards are perfect sites to relax, contemplate, and breathe fresh air. Waterfronts, garden exhibitions, arboretums, and natural landscapes (mountain ranges and lakes) are great sites for photography, exercising, and other recreational uses. It is an innane need for humans to be in contact with landscapes, even though some of us don’t realize it.


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