Why is smoking so bad for you?



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    Chemicals that are toxic and highly radioactive (such as a form of Uranium) are found to be in cigarettes, and those can lead to cancer, heart disease, Emphysema, and many other health problems.

    In general, smoking can cause a build up of tar in the lungs, killing the Alveoli, which are small sacks in the lungs that put oxygen into the blood stream.  Also, the carbon monoxide inhaled can kill Alveoli as well.

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    Smoking produces smoke (surprise!) which is inhaled by smokers. The smoke carries a host of terrible terrible chemicals as well as being… well, smoke. In a smokers lungs the nicotine is absorbed by lung tissue to give a slight buzz. Unfortunatly the smoke and other chemicals do damage to a smokers lungs by harming its natural cleaning systems. Ciggarette smoke also leaves a layer of tar on the inside of smokers lungs. A year of smoking 1 pack a day (20 ciggarettes) leaves the equivalant of one cup of tar in your lung!! EWWWWWW!!

    The lungs are arguable affected most but nearly every system in your body is negitivly affected. Nicotine makes blood vessels shrink in diameter, which makes your heart need to work harder. Your skin begins to worsen because it cannot get enough oxygen through the smaller blood vessels. The blood itself is affected because carbon monoxide from smoke passes immediately into the bloodstream, further lessening the bloods ability to carry oxygen.

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