Why is a small amount of wine considered good for you, but not other types of alcohol?



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    Wine in small quantities are good for you, potentially decreasing the risk of cancer and heart problems.  This is due to the phytochemicals that are in wine.  This is an antioxidant that stop cellular damage.  Other alcoholic beverages can be beneficial as well, such as beer and hard liquor. 

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    It is because of the antioxidants, but I don’t think in general alcohol is considered good for you. Antioxidants in wine come from the fruit it is made with, and alcohol is a byproduct of that fruit’s sugars fermenting. Processes to mass produce beer and hard liquor often cause those beverages to lose that effect. And remember, you get exactly what you pay for when you buy alcohol–cheap liquor is subjected to faster and harsher methods to make it, possibly making it harmful or distasteful in the long run (cheaper vodkas for instance can have the distilling process hastened by using manure!)

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