Why is the sky blue?



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    The sky is blue because of Rayleigh scattering, a phenomenon that causes light to scatter when it passes through particles with a diameter one-tenth of the wavelength of the light. Sunlight is made up of multiple colors, but because of the elements that make up the atmosphere, the color blue is scattered more efficiently, making it the dominant color.

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    The sun’s light comes in different wavelengths.  Longer wavelengths (colors red orange yellow) tend to pass through our atmosphere more easily.  The shorter wavelengths of light (blue) instead of passing through the atmosphere is mostly absorbed by the molecules in the atmosphere and is reflected off of them

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    The above answers are quite right, but could maybe be taken a step further. It’s actually the colour violet that has the shortest wavelength of visible light – but the sky is not purple. This is because the intensity of the sun’s light isn’t uniform – it “peaks” in the greenish-yellow region, and weakens in the violet. Less violet light means a blue sky. See the video below for a very brief and yet highly satisfying explanation of the same.

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