Why is shrimp fishing criticized by environment groups?



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    It is not shrimp fishing in itself that environmentalists have a problem with; it is the destructive, unsustainable practice of shrimp trawling that they hate, and with very good reason. Trawling is non-selective fishing approach that uses heavy fishing nets and machinery to trawl across the ocean’s floor. It works well to catch shrimp but along with that it destroys dozens of other species, removes seaweed, damages coral reef, and otherwise destroys habitat. The process uplifts sediment and causes unparalleled plumes of pollutant particulates, which can sometimes be seen from Google Earth. Ecologists indicate the detrimental effects to ecosystems are significant and long-lasting. A study performed in one river in Australia found 177 tons of by-catch (unintended catch) was thrown out every year, composed of 77 species. 

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