Why should you not put bleach into a septic tank?

Why is it a bad idea to plough hilly fields down?



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    I guess you have two questions so I’ll try to answer both.  1.  About the bleach in the septic tank: the assumption is that the bleach will kill the bacteria that the tank needs to function.   Some experts in septic tanks say that if you use a normal amount of bleach per week (5 tablespoons per week) it will kill some of the bacteria, but there’s still large enough a colony in the tank to easily compensate for the loss.  So unless you use an extraordinary amount of bleach, you probably don’t need to worry too much.

    2.   About the ploughing: If you plowed a hilly area downward (in the same direction as the water flow) you’d be paving the path for soil erosion.   You want to plow across the direction of the water flow to try and prevent this.


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    Two small additions to americalibre’s answers.  

    Antother major concern of flushing not only bleach but any other harmful and potent chemicals into your septic system is the not-so-uncommon threat of a septic malfunction or leech.  If the tank were to fail, all of these harmful toxins would be immediately released into the surrounding environment, contaminating groundwater for humans and wildlife alike.

    As far as question two, imagine the eastern rice-producing societies attempting to construct rice paddies down the sides of their steep and hilly landscapes.  In this example, farmers seek to find the horizontal balance accross the hillside,  building terraced paddies and conserving rainwater.

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