Why should we reduce the amount of waste we produce each year?



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    There is only so much open land available for landfills not to mention that if we just keep producing waste, we need to replace it with new products and those resources aren’t going to last forever. It is not good for anyone for our society to be so wasteful.

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    As catcran said, the Earth is only so big.  The more trash we produce, the more it will clog up our landfills and eventually spill over into natural areas such as forests, the oceans, land intended for humans to live and conservation land.  Also, trash can be dangerous to the inhabitants (animals, insects, humans, other living organisms) of the Earth that are trying to live a healthy life.  Furthermore, trash is difficult to get rid of.  It’s not good to burn it (it produces large amounts of very harmful chemical byproducts) and although you can recycle some items, many things just need to decompose over lengthy periods of time.  That being said, if we can reduce the amount of trash that we produce, then we are saving ourselves and our Earth from living with trash.  Personally, I’d rather have you as a neighbor than a big, stinking landfill!    

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    Reducing the amount of waste that we produce each year is vital to the environmental health of the future. At the rate that we are producing trash, we are going to have some serious environmental problems for our future generations. Even though it may not seem like a big deal now, think of how it could impact your grandchildren in the years to come. By making positive change now, we can all work together to make a more sustainable future. The earth has a lot of natural beauty, I would hate to see that destroyed and unavailable for future generations to see. 

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