Why should we conserve animals species that we don’t use for anything?



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    There’s an ethical dimension to conservation as well as the utilitarian approach you’re applying. Just because humans have no use for an animal, does that mean they don’t have a right to exist? The fact is that humans are making the earth inhospitable for many plant and animal species, and I think that’s not right. We should try to undo the damage we’ve done as best we can, even if we don’t get a direct benefit from it. Besides, there’s a chance that the animal and plant species that are going extinct could be of use for us in the future, and we just don’t know it yet. Some now-endangered species could be producing a compound useful in treating a human disease, for example.

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    Also, just because animal species don’t have any use for us doesn’t mean they aren’t useful to other species or the rest of the world. It’s an incredibly selfish idea to think that animals only exist for our use and pleasure. Ecosystems are delicate and animals or plants that outlive their use or are weaker than other species ultimately die off. It’s a natural or environmental process but many species are dying due to direct or indirect human intervention and it affects all species in the ecosystem.

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    All species are useful and serve a purpose in the eco-system. Whether they are beneficial to humans or not, as intelligent beings we should preserve the existing species and landscapes.

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    you are completely selfish and retarded if you honestly think that that is a valid question

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