Why should students be taught about the environment?



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    Good question, Macie.  I think students should be taught about the environment for the same reason we teach them anything, to build a stronger and smarter group of people to run things when they come of age.  We probably all remember being taught when we were young that we should reduce, reuse, and recycle, but I think it would benefit our country as well as our world, if students were taught much more than these three things.  If kids learned about more aspects of the environment, it may interest them to go on to make more of a difference, and therefore, make our world a more sustainable place to live in.

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    Yeah, investment into human capital is very important. Teaching kids math and science has traditionally been seen as a progressive approach to education, but two other things I believe would be beneficial to teach kids about at a young age are enviroment, and a foriegn language. Envionmental teaching at a younger age will make people more likely to live enviromentally concious lives, and learning a foriegn language would go a long way in making the U.S. a more respected country globally.

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    I agree.  We want kids to grow up with an understanding of the world, and not only cultures that exist outside their own, but plants and animals and environments that do as well. It creates a generation of more responsible, open minded people better able to not only adjust to the world, but to better it as well.

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    I think that kids should not just be taught about “The Environment” but also about their own impact. Many kids are not currently learning about simple ways to reduce their own environmental impact at home or in school. A lot of kids can be taught (hopefully at home as well) to make small changes that will make a difference. Recycling, turning lights off and just not being wasteful overall are important lessons to teach kids. If they can adopt these habits from a young age, hopefully they will stick. 

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